ADVANCE SPORT Company is dedicated to the development of Brands in the Sport and Urbain universes such as COM-EIGHT, ISLANDIA, MAOKA BAY, KING’S PARK, NATIONS OF FOOTBALL, NATIONS OF RUGBY.

Our brands are sold in a network of hypermarkets,supermarkets and garments specialized mid-surface. We are also selling to independent Fashion and Trendy retailers,mail order and our own network of retail shops.

We are able to offer PRIVATE LABEL collections ,as well as specific productions for the most famous brands through our own offices in China and Bangladesh.

ADVANCE SPORT offer various departments ,sales,marketing,logistic and finance totally in his own. We have a 300 square meters show room downtown Paris in the most fashionable area and a 2000 square meters warehouse in the suburb.

Each brand is individually worked and is granted of his own space in our Parisian Show room.